The tire World
is evolving.
Be one of the
first to adapt.

Become an agent of change.

There are two great ways to become our distribution partner and part of this industry-changing network. Become a Timberland Tire Stocking Dealer or a Preferred Installer

As a Timberland Tire stocking dealer or preferred installer, you’ll become a destination for a new generation of drivers who will choose Timberland Tires because it fits their values. You'll be on the frontline, delivering a first-class experience to the Timberland® customer.

Stocking Dealer Program:

As a Stocking Dealer, you'll have access to established pricing incentives, marketing and merchandising programs, and access to all the support that is offered via the world-class logistics and sales support team at Omni United (S) Pte Ltd.

Preferred Installer Program:

Omni United (S) Pte Ltd has assembled a growing national network of retail locations that will accept delivery of Timberland Tires purchased at to serve our online customers.

When an online tire purchase is completed, the closest preferred installers to the zip code entered will appear. The tires are shipped, the installer is notified of the delivery date, and arranges with the customer for the tire installation on to their vehicles.

It is a seamless process, and a simple way to increase traffic to your service bays and introduce a new generation of drivers to the range of the services you provide.

Interested in learning more about becoming a Timberland Tires stocking dealer or preferred installer?

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